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Subject: Re: Old Computer
From: "Geoff" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 12:48:30 -0700

Hello tchannel1;

Can you please tell me whats wrong with your
hardware, You might want to email me
direct since this might not be right topic
for PSN.

I most probably can not help you
But I am interested in hearing of others
hardware troubles.

Dos programs will run fairly nicely from Win XP backwards
to DOS 6.22 but some Windows EXE files simply
refuse to run on anything but windows.

I have Win95 and Win 98 and Winxp
and DOS 6.22 and have tried winquake on all three
Windows but only now use it on my WinXp machine
since this machine it is the pivot point of everything.

A note of interest, Win XP PRO seems to work best
on a FAT32 system and not NTFS.

You can back up your system if you have Western Digital drives
using their freely available self booting CD or Floopies
Do not back up using windows in anything but safe mode
because it will do funny things to the system like
lock files that can not be copied to another drive.

Before you have any work done on your hardware
copy ALL files to a FAT32 partition
so you can recover through the BIOS (DOS BOOT) if necessary.
Partition Magic 8+ is a very good urility program to get.
It will make boot floppies to fix up your drives.

Memtest 86 is wonderful for testing your ram
and telling you whats wrong.
Like if you fail only test 5 your latency or speeds may
be set wrong and you only need to go into the bios
and slow things down.

A program called TuffTest pro is great for the system
but still you need memtest86 to find stubborn timing
and control issues it does block moves which is
the fastest transferr you machine will ever have to make
in and out of memory (RAM).

There is a nice RAMDRIVE utility for WinXP that will
give you a B drive like up to 650MB if you need it.

These programs except for (memtest86) are not free but nice to have.
Memtest 86 is most probably the single most important one
for testing your hardware and it is free. Get the ISO file and burn
it to a CD using the free program DEEP BURNER.
You must run memtest86 two whole passes error free at least
before you can feel confident data will not easily be corrupted.
I would run this program on any new or upgraded or repaired
machine before trusting it.


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From: "TChannel" 
Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2007 11:30 AM
Subject: Old Computer

Hi,  I have two of my sensors running on old Windows 98 computers.  I was given a Windows 95 Pentium 1?
with 2 Gb Hdd and 32 mb ram.   Will Winquake and AmaSeis run okay on this machine?

Thanks, Ted             Ps I have my own computer problems and I think it will need to go to the repair shop, so I could be out of 
touch for a while. 


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