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Subject: Re: Best Way TO show a simple drawing
From: Dave Nelson davenn@...............
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 06:53:14 +1000

No way   :)   that is slow and labourous!!! ....  the BEST way is to draw 
the circuit
diag directly into MS paint

     and save as a monochrome bitmap (bmp)  then use one of any # of programs
to convert it to a gif  I use Thumbsplus   its a great prog that I have 
used for
resizing, recolouring, etc and it converts between most of the current pic 
types.   I couldnt live with out it
  In fact cuz a mono bitmap file is only 103kB at my hi resolution, most of 
the time
I dont even bother to convert it.   !!!!

I have been using MS paint for cct drawings for some 12 yrs   .... its esy 
to make
up a page of cct symbols and jst copy and paste to where u need them
and add a few lines between  along with explanation text.
I have drawn dozens and dozens of ccts this way
( without the need to go to an expensive CAD prog.)

check out


                 for examples          (copy and paste into your 
browser  :)   )

You have my permission to use these 2 bmp's as a starting point for some
component symbols etc, if you like :)

Dave  N

At 05:07 AM 12/08/2007 -0700, you wrote:
>Use a fine point black magic marker on the whitest paper you can find
>here that is 96 to 98 I think depending on the thickness.
>20lb ream vs 22 0r 24 lb. scan this to bmp  then convert
>to gif somehow. HP will not let me scan direct to gif
>yet gif is the best most efficient forms for B/W drawings.


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