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Subject: Re: Best Way TO show a simple drawing
From: "Geoff" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 18:05:27 -0700

Hello Dave Nelson,

The only reason I say gif is the best is because
the Europeans seem to like gif best with
thir linux systems and since I can deal with
most anything I think we might humor
them so the world can be one big happy
family :-)  I got this penpal at the JRC
in Ispra Italy and he uses me to practice his english on
that is where I learned they seem to favor
GIF over everything else.
The Europeans are quite intolerant of inefficiency.
They do noy like americans using heavy paper
in the mail they want you to use something like
tissue paper that is so thin you can see through it.


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From: "Dave Nelson" 
Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2007 1:53 PM
Subject: Re: Best Way TO show a simple drawing

> No way   :)   that is slow and labourous!!! ....  the BEST way is to draw 
> the circuit
> diag directly into MS paint
>     and save as a monochrome bitmap (bmp)  then use one of any # of programs
> to convert it to a gif  I use Thumbsplus   its a great prog that I have 
> used for
> resizing, recolouring, etc and it converts between most of the current pic 
> format
> types.   I couldnt live with out it
>  In fact cuz a mono bitmap file is only 103kB at my hi resolution, most of 
> the time
> I dont even bother to convert it.   !!!!
> I have been using MS paint for cct drawings for some 12 yrs   .... its esy 
> to make
> up a page of cct symbols and jst copy and paste to where u need them
> and add a few lines between  along with explanation text.
> I have drawn dozens and dozens of ccts this way
> ( without the need to go to an expensive CAD prog.)
> check out
>    and
>                 for examples          (copy and paste into your 
> browser  :)   )
> You have my permission to use these 2 bmp's as a starting point for some
> component symbols etc, if you like :)
> cheers
> Dave  N
> At 05:07 AM 12/08/2007 -0700, you wrote:
>>Use a fine point black magic marker on the whitest paper you can find
>>here that is 96 to 98 I think depending on the thickness.
>>20lb ream vs 22 0r 24 lb. scan this to bmp  then convert
>>to gif somehow. HP will not let me scan direct to gif
>>yet gif is the best most efficient forms for B/W drawings.
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