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Subject: Fwd: High Activity level at the Geysers?
From: John Lahr johnjan@........
Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2007 18:23:38 -0700

I checked with the USGS and found that:

"We recently integrated into our real-time system seismic data from the
23-station digital "Calpine" network operated by LBL within the Geysers
field.  It has greatly improved our detection threshold in the field, so
there will be more and smaller quakes being reported.  "


>From: "Keith Payea" 
>Subject: High Activity level at the Geysers
>Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 08:52:27 -0700
>Hello PSN
>I watch activity at "The Geysers" in northern California pretty much daily
>since I am only 30 or 35 KM from there.  Here's a link to the USGS map of
>the area:
>Usually there are less than ten earthquakes per day, all under magnitude 3.
>By watching these and checking my system I can fine tune the triggering and
>get some idea of the sensitivity of my system.
>For the last several weeks there have been 20 or more quakes per day.
>Yesterday there were 25, and today is on pace for 15 or more.  These are all
>small, about half are 1.0 or less.
>There's a lot going on here, including the pumping of wastewater from Santa
>Rosa into the steam field.  I'm also wondering if there have been any
>improvements made in the monitoring of this area.  Some of the quakes
>recorded are as small as 0.5, which I don't remember ever seeing before.
>Does anyone know if changes have been made in the equipment or software?
>The various companies "mining" the steam to generate electricity up there
>might also be doing something different.
>Maybe communists from China have been tunnelling across under the Pacific to
>try to take over North America....   Just kidding, I watch too many old
>Sci-Fi movies!
>I just thought some of you might find this interesting.
>     Keith
>Keith Payea
>Bryant Labs
>(707) 566-8935
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