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Subject: Re: Mystery event
From: "Geoff" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 03:36:08 -0700

Are you able to say for sure source of the
seismic energy was moving ?

I was aware of no sonic booms 30 miles
east of Phoenix but then I might have
been sleeping since 0800 UTC is
0100 MST.

My seismic recorder got nothing here
most probably because I am making
a new modulo recording program and had the alarm
threshold set quite high to avoid
the storms and vehicular noises here.

This signal of yours sounds quite interestering.

There used to be a SR-71 fly over Arizona
making sonic booms while testing cell phone
links ( probly doppler problems ) but that was
a few years back and nothing but funny acting
slow flying harrier since then.

A low meteor might not be seen because of the storms we have had here lately cause heavy clouds but one that big
like you are thinking would light the sky like daylight
and nothing like that has been heard of around here.

Meteors are very interesting if you can
stay up all night and watch them with good
eyesight. I have seen fanrastic explosions
high in the sky with no associated sounds as well
as a meteor storm that looked like the iris
of god staring down upon the earth from the
north east it also moved ( not in position but in streaks radiating fom the center hole ) in a way that gave the impression
of terriffic speed like the Earth was going into a faint
wormhole. No one else reported this meteor storm of dust
so I just kept it to myself all these years.
It all was over in only a few seconds. I think the Earth passed
straight through the comets orbit that left the dust.
Not sure but it might have been the persid meteors.

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From: "Stephen & Kathy" 
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 12:52 AM
Subject: Re: Mystery event

> What about a sonic boom from a meteor??  Say from somewhere around south 
> Baja passing over Texas up through Ohio and maybe on through and back 
> out into space???   What else would create  approx. the same size trace 
> from Texas to Ohio with early times in Arizona, (about 08:06 UTC) later 
> times in Texas, then Ohio and finally Maine, (about 08:23 UTC)???   And 
> be small in magnitude, but recorded in most of the USA and into Central 
> America???  Just a wild guess???
>  Stephen 
> Jerry Payton wrote:
>> Most all these helicorders record a short event (explosion??) in that 
>> time frame.
>> Jerry Payton

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