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Subject: Re: Octorber
From: Dave Nelson davenn@...............
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 06:53:42 +1000

Depends on where you have been living Ted,   ;)

  Down in this part of the world its been VERY active so far this month  ....
definately the busiest for a long long time.  The New Zealand region has truely
lived up to its name of  " The Shakey Isles"
Here's a brief list of the M5+ events....

M5.6 upper Sth Is
M5.7 upper Nth Is
M5.1 upper Nth Is
M54 offshr SW  of Sth Is  ashk of the M7+ and M6+ events on the last day of 
previous month
M6.7 Fiordland, Sth Is
M6.2 Fiordland, Sth Is
M5.8 Fiordland, Sth Is
M6.2 Fiordland, Sth Is
M5.1 Fiordland, Sth Is
M6.5 NW of Raoul Is,  to the nth of NZ but well felt in Nth Is. of NZ
not to mention the dozens of good aftershocks and other 4.0-4.9 events
around the country

At 01:24 AM 10/19/2007, you wrote:

>Hi Folks,  By my counts, the next two weeks could be very active, or the 
>month of October is going to be the quietest month this year.
>Obviously no one can look into the future, but I am convinced the counts 
>of events do form totals which seem to repeat, month after month.
>I sure wish I knew more about probabilities, perhaps I could qualify my 
>observation.   My equipment does not record many of the smaller 
>events.  Discounting those smaller events, here are my notes.
>My monthly average is 16
>Lowest month.............12
>Highest month............19
>October.......................3      If the month of October, DOES play 
>catch up, the next two weeks are going to be very active.  If the month of 
>October DOESN'T, then please dismiss all of the above as the ranting of a 
>grumpy old man.
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