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Subject: ball issues
From: Randall Peters PETERS_RD@..........
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2007 08:23:50 -0500

     I did not clean the ink from the ball of the pen.  Should point out that issues of 'lubrication' are some of the least understood phenomena of the modern science era.  As my fluids colleague expert here at Mercer points out (Dr. Loren Sumner, graduate of Georgia Tech), the explanation of bearing
friction lubrication starts at the 'opposite end' of Reynolds number thinking as compared to Bernoulli's equation.  Some physics types, ignorant of the real world, try to easily explain everything on the basis of the latter.  Airplane lift is not to be simply explained on the basis of Bernoulli's
equation.  Anybody exposed to that foolishness ought to go complain to his teacher!
   What I can say about rolling friction involving 'clean' as opposed to 'fluid treated' surfaces is that the best we can at present hope for is empirical understanding.  Readers may be interested in the paper I wrote that speaks to some of this at
   Don't be turned off by the frontier-physics features of this paper; just look at the photo's to know that it deals with rolling friction.  Also note that there are all kinds of differences depending on 'cleanliness'.  Truly, as I have stated in the first chapter that I wrote of the book to be
published in January by Nova Science Publishers, titled "Science education in the 21st century"--friction, friction everywhere but in our understanding".  This chapter is titled "Building on old foundations with new technologies".
    For those who might be interested, I have posted many papers on my webpage at
   If you look carefully you might 'find a pony in that stall'.  My two decades in Texas, surrounded by cowboys whom I now miss here in Georgia, I adopted an expression that is quite applicable to much of the science now practiced:  "if you can't impress them with finesse, then baffle them with b.s.".
I hope that at least some of my papers at the aforementioned site might by you guys that I appreciate like the range-hands,  be viewed as having some degree of finesse.
P.S.  Jerry,  I hope that my other comments, submitted a short while ago, at least speak to your question.

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