PSN-L Email List Message

Subject: the design isn't fatally flawed
From: Randall Peters PETERS_RD@..........
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2007 17:51:46 -0500

   I'm sorry to disagree with your claim that the idea I posted is fatally flawed..
I just assembled a prototype that does work.  Pictures have been posted on the same site previously referenced..
The 'edge' is not the hard tungsten carbide that Charles recommended; I used an ordinary razor blade.
The Q is not great, but you can see there are steel shavings still on the magnets.  Also the lever arm needs to be
longer than what I've used (part extending down from the magnets) to get a longer period with a bigger mass.  At present, trying to lengthen substantially beyond  about 1/2 s pulls the blade off the magnets.
   The reason the mass doesn't 'go down' to a non-operational state as you expected is because of the magnets' force on the blade; i.e., it is not resting at the center of the magnets.

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