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Subject: Re: Exchange of ideas with graphics
From: Dave Nelson davenn@...............
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007 09:56:23 +1100

Thanks John,
                       I dont really care if some one uses their www site 
or a blog
..... after all its primary use will be to dislay the graphics in a very 
easy to access way

As you discovered  Kay  using the ftp wouldnt be easy for everyone and 
Larry would
need to give password permissions to ppl   an added hassle

  Keep the main discussions on this list but give links to where ever else
blog or www site for the graphics :)   and all wil be happy

I know I also have "fun" trying to understand what ppl are trying to 
describe  and as John
has proven  its dead easy to create a blog, specially when compared to 
starting up
a  www site

keep it going John and hope others do the same to share their pix

If anyone really wants to share their pix without starting a blog or www site
email me the pix and I will create pages on my site for them  pand post links
on the email list    very happy to do that :)

Dave N

At 05:57 AM 10/11/2007, you wrote:
>To all PSN folks,
>Has anybody been able to send graphics to the PSN ftp site?  When I ftp to 
>the site I am asked for account and password.  .
>I agree with Jerry (below) that I would worry about using John Lahr's blog 
>site INSTEAD of the PSN.  But what about using it WITH the PSN email 
>system.  That is, to upload a drawing to the blog and reference it with a 
>hyperlink to the blog site?
>I look forward to hearing any further discussion on this important issue.
>By the way, are there any other women amateur seismologists on this 
>list?  How many of you guys have shared your hobby with  your daughters?    ;-)
>Kay Wyatt

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