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> Hi Folks,   I did record the 7.7M This AM.   It is visible but not =
> impressive, which lead me to a question.  Why was it inferior?   The =
> idea of a ball hanging from a magnet is good, the period is about 1.5 =
> seconds? this should be okay.  The coil and magnets are okay.   The only =
> defect I could see is that the pendulum was free to move in a circle, =
> and not forced to move across the wraps.   I would welcome your =
> opinions, we learn a lot from failures.   So if I can pin point why this =
> was an inferior set up and recording if would be helpful in new designs.
> When I finish the recordings I will post it on PSN as TCIDPM   Ted =
> Channel Idaho/Paper Mate.
> Thanks, Ted


I got the impression from your description that your magnet swings above or
within the coil.  If you can orient the coil so the magnet swings into and
out of the coil you will see much better signal.  Is there a picture posted?



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