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Subject: Re: HS-10-1 questions
From: "Geoff" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 22:49:27 -0700

If you purchased the HS10 new ($2500 USD) then the MFG
is the right place to go but if you
got it used ($250USD)they want nothing to do with you.
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Subject: Re: HS-10-1 questions

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> With  about 30 uApp the movement of the adjustment screw/rod is about 1 mm.
> I  think the response should still be linear at a 1 mm movement but
> the output  voltage looks more like a triangle. Maybe I demand too much  ...
> Hi Andreas,
>    I suggest treating your HS-10 with considerable  care. You might read 
> through old letters by Sean Morrissey on psn. I remember  him replacing springs 
> regularly. 
>    Now you only want the sensor to move microns, so I  suggest that you 
> connect it to the input of a current to voltage  converter opamp and then use a 
> 1/f amplifier stage to roll off the signal.  This should give you a good idea of 
> what performance you can expect. Going from  3 K to 400 Ohms will greatly 
> overdamp it.  Later, you might use a negative  input impedance amplifier to give 
> ~zero impedance, but you need to provide a  temperature compensated reference 
> resistor. This could be as simple as a Ni  thermometer element and a resistor, 
> or a non inductively wound coil of copper  wire - if you can get it thin 
> enough. Pt has a slightly lower temperature  coefficient. 0 to 100 C  for Cu = 
> 1.44, Pt = 1.32, Ni = 1.70.
>    Could you send an EMail to the manufacturer? They  should be able to 
> advise you.
>    Regards,
>    Chris Chapman

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