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Subject: Re: Re: HS-10-1 questions
From: "Andreas Tschammer" psn@............
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 14:53:49 +0100


I am very interested in a manual scan of the HS-10! Please send it to:
Thanks a lot!

I also suspect someone mistreated my HS-10 some time ago...

Great news you want to do the test on your Ranger! I will redo the test
today because I was in a
hurry last time.
The test was described here:
I wanted to check the resonance frequency when I saw the distortions of the
output voltage.
They were worst below 1 Hz.

I am using now a Burr Brown PGA204 instrumentation amp  for my tests. Later
I want to try a
LT1028/1128. Does anyone know a better amp for a 400 Ohms coil?
I also will try to reacitivate a AD-board I built some time ago with the
ADS1211 on it.

Maybe I will try to contact Geospace one more time. The last time I asked
for more detailed data
on the HS-10 I didnīt get an answer. Only one year ago as I asked for a
quote I got one....
Time is money, isnīt it?



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