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Subject: Re:How much gain
From: Roger Sparks rsparks@..........
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2007 08:39:53 -0800


In my earlier posting, I forgot to mention noise from the seismometer 

Every moving contact point will generate friction and noise.   Friction 
is noise.  Low friction is low noise.

Severe seismometer noise is observed as a "spikey" trace, rather than 
the smooth wave form that should be seen as a result of the ocean noise. 
  Less severe seismometer noise will appear as small spikes on an 
undulating ocean wave, but a smooth ocean wave trace can never be 

On my vertical seismometer, I have eliminated seismometer friction noise 
by using long springs as the hinge.  I still have seismometer noise that 
could be called "phase" noise that is a result of seismometer damping 
and motion characteristics.

Sorry to have omitted this noise source from my previous posting.


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