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Subject: Re: 3.1 in San Jose << P in the oecan
From: "Geoff" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2007 11:10:48 -0700

Thank You Jim;
I got a song by Eddie Arnold called " JIM "
" I wore A tie Today"

"Do You Know The Way To San Jose"
La La Laallalaa Ward

All in fun you know.

Yes I think Physics of Oscillatory mechanisims to
be interesting. I wish I had known this younger in life
and had a more academic family that would have
at least given me moral support in my search for
the truths. My dad was Blue Collar type
that hated Academics. ( ME ) :-)

I have seen and heard sounds of diesal engines that were
supposedly verified as to have come from 2000 miles away
of snorklning subs and I bet that is the the layer
the sound was channeled through.

The speed of sound is simply the point at which
compressional forces are significant like a bunch of
little springs pushing back at you then past that
point the coefficiend of drag reduces to maybe
0.5 of what it was at the speed of sound which was
about 4X the coefficient below the transonic range of
Mach 0.85 to Mach 1.15 or so. If we could
understand fully the compressional forces
that create the sound barrier we might have
a better insight to the light speed barrier because
even though scientists belive no Ether Exist
through which light travels if it is in fact a wave
similar things that wew can not sense might be at work.

The skin of aircraft would wrinkle due to the fact all the aircraft
did not all pass the sound barrier at the very same time
these little compressional springs can do terrible damage.

I have this suspicion that the speed of sound is also
a limitation of tornadic winds when you
measure the speed of one wall against the ither.
It all has to do with compressional forces.
You might see these heat signatures in photos
taken by a high
resolution infrared camera.
A tornado is a focus of energy that
is created and maintained by the laws of physics.
It seems to be periodic due to its rotational nature
and possibly may be sensed through the ground
or air vibrations it produces.
I do not what kind of sensor would be needed
our geophones do not seem good enough.

I understand there used to be some kind of CW sonar placed in this
area in what is called the Sea of Japan and No one knew who
placed the transmitter there but it had to be one of the
more technological Countries.

Vibration or oscillatory mechanisims are all affected
by similar ideas and I guess what we learn about
these things can be applied elsewhere in every discipline
because they are laws ( theorys ) of Nature which
are universal. Siociology, Psychology, Stock Market ???

You might apply what we learn in seismology just about anywhere
periodic things happen.


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From: "Jim ODonnell" 
Sent: Friday, December 21, 2007 11:12 AM
Subject: Re: 3.1 in San Jose << P in the oecan

Hi Geoff-
Interesting as water does not support shear waves, only P- so that accounts for the 1 thump.
There is a low velocity layer (LVL) in the ocean called the SOFAR layer which traps P waves so they are channeled for long 
distances.  Nice place for a sub to hide I would imagine.  The LVL  causes the waves to be refracted down then back up so they are 

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-- "Geoff"  wrote:
Once Aboard Ship i felt an EQ
that at first I belived to be a collision
of some kind, I waited for an alarm that
never came. It was not till I heard on the radio
that we just had an EQ I think in Long Beach Ca.
Back in the 1970s.

I bet they feel EQs in the middle of the ocean
even aboard Submarines.

These EQs can and do feel like a single thump.


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From: "Pete Rowe" 
Sent: Friday, December 21, 2007 8:26 AM
Subject: 3.1 in San Jose

> The 3.1 at 12:14 utc was about 9 miles from me. It
> woke me up with a thud.
> My seismometer is now up on my website: www.rowelabs
> DOT com.
> Pete
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