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Subject: Re: Hekla volcano geophone planned
From: ian ian@...........
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 19:38:04 +0000


I'm still not sure why you need deterministic communications.  Isn't the 
data time stamped at source?  If so, you don't need a deterministic 
link.  I assume I've missed something.

I look forward to 2010 when I can give up my volunteer broadband 
service.  I suspect, though, that those without service in the 
countryside now, won't get the new system either...

The blog is only available to our subscribers as it is located on our 
intranet.  We should make this clear on the web page.  Yesterday's entry 
was about the 7 hour power cut caused by the storm that screamed across 



ChrisAtUpw@....... wrote:
> In a message dated 06/01/2008, ian@........... writes:
>     I asked about your 12 Km gap as I was wondering if there was a way
>     to plug it with equipment running at broadband rates.  I'm in one
>     of the BT "black spots", condemned to never have broadband and I
>     eventually had to put together our own community wireless broadband
>     ( ).  This partly involves filling
>     "gaps" across the countryside.  Our biggest gap is only 5 Km so
>     the stuff we use might not help. 
> Hi Ian,
>     I rang BT today about Broadband. They offer 5 Meg at about 1 mile, 
> 2 Meg at 3 miles and only 256 K much over that. The maximum length of 
> a phone line is 14 miles. However, the UK is supposed to be fully 
> rewired by 2010. ADSL are offering 5x the normal dial up rate, with 
> signal compression and packeting, but I would like to see it in 
> operation in a rural situation first.
>     My experience is that I can only get about 38 K reliably at 12 km. 
> I suspect that the current coverage outside towns with a phone 
> exchange is very patchy.
>     Your blog on the above website doesn't seem to work.
>     Regards,
>     Chris Chapman

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