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Subject: Unable To Verify This Quake ?
From: "Geoff" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 02:01:27 -0700

Regional Event to GVA

Pn = 11:13:45.2  2008JAN13 UTC
Pg = 11:14:06.0  2008JAN13 UTC
Sb = 11:15:14.8  2008JAN13 UTC
Sg = 11:15:26.0  2008JAN13 UTC

Estimated Origin Time
11:12:13  2008JAN13  UTC

Delta about 6.0 Deg or 414 Statute Miles from GVA
Magnatude estimated at around 4.0 from past experience
at receiving such signals in the past.

Can anyone concurr with this data because I do
not see it reported anywhere and am not going
to report it if no one else but ME has seen it too.
I believe my arrival times to be good.

Anyone Know ??


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