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Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 03:25:28 -0700

All it says is that they modled in a lab
a phenomena that seems to be real
and the seismic modle should be re-calculated
or reprogrammed to include this phenomena
When there exists an intense velocity change it is like
turning into a mirror and will reflect or refract
waves more intensely in that region just outside
the liquid outer core sort of like an increase in
the index of refraction or so I understand.

They do not say to me HOW this electrical
phenomena actually causes the effect
only that it is associated with it.


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Subject: Re: Interesting article

> In a message dated 29/01/2008, gpayton880@....... writes:
> Yes,  Pete, that is an interesting theory.  I wonder what is the "electrical" 
> component of an earthquake that is measured by a seismograph?  I thought  
> all the seismic waves were physical movements.  Comments out  there?
> Hi Jerry,
>    Note that the depths concerned are from 400 to 1800  miles - deeper than 
> most earthquake sources. The para-magnetic properties  of the iron compounds 
> vary. You are unlikely to see electrical effects at the  surface due to this, 
> although there may be other surface electrical / magnetic  effects. 
> Seismometers do not measure changes in potential or magnetic fields,  only physical 
> movements.
>    Regards,
>    Chris Chapman

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