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Subject: Seismograph Noise Probelm
From: Larry Conklin lconklin@............
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 12:38:12 -0500

Hi Chris, Roger,

Thought you might be interested in knowing the outcome of my noise 
quest.  The thing did quiet back down and is now running as well as or 
better than it ever has.  The suggestion regarding the wisdom of resting 
the cover on the sensor frame looks like it may have been the key.  I 
did shim up  the cover with a couple of strips of wood so that it is now 
effectively resting on the floor.  Initially there wasn't much change, 
but within a couple of hours or so, the noise started to subside, and it 
has been quiet as a church mouse for several days.

I am definitely going to make a new cover, probably out of styrafoam 
insulation board.  It's light, a good insulator and easy  to work with.

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