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Subject: Re: instrument physics
From: Charles Patton charles.r.patton@........
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 21:42:45 -0800

Hi Chris,
I agree with the liquid flow question, but I'm not certain I understand 
the "...The contact friction is highly variable between lubricated 
rolling surfaces."  Are you thinking about surface tension of variable 
areas of contact on a non-immersed contact pair?  Wouldn't that 
basically disappear if there was total immersion of wetted surfaces and 
the oil doesn't use fiberous fillers (such as greases) to thicken it?
Charles R. Patton
P.S. I agree with you that I don't know how to fashion the bearing I was 
proposing -- a half baked idea in formation, I guess.  But in a separate 
post I do visit a variation that I think is possible using as a starting 
point the idea of controlling the height change of a mass to control the 
  period. I would definitely build it without oil first, then dunk it to 
see what happens!

ChrisAtUpw@....... wrote:
> So we marry
>> that with the old Rollamite bearings, to prevent side slip, and put on
>> (immerse in?) lots of lubricant to prevent stiction
> .
>        Uh Uh! Any liquid lubricant will really foul up such a 
> suspension! Liquid flow and surface tension spring to mind. The contact 
> friction is highly variable between lubricated rolling surfaces. You 
> might try fluon spray or dry moly, or rely in the oxide coating.
>        Regards,
>        Chris Chapman

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