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Subject: Re: 6.0M Nevada
From: jonfr@.........
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 17:16:45 -0500 (EST)


CNN has been reporting little damage to houses closest to the earthquake

Jón Frímann.

> Hi Folks, Things very busy here today. No local damage of course, but I
> did feel IT. I was still in bed but awake and thinking I should be getting
> up.
> I felt the room move? I thought it was the wind, and heard a small noise.
> I noted the clock at 7:17am our time.
> We have recently installed a vertical spring sensor at River Glen Jr. High
> School which shares the building with the TVMSC Treasure Valley Math and
> Science Center.
> The sensor is on the second floor of a three story building. In two weeks
> the school has recorded 7 earthquakes. One of which was 9000 miles away.
> They certainly got this one, all the 8th Grader where thrilled. Their
> event is posted on PSN as TVMSC Boise Id. Two News station did an on site
> interview at the school.
> Channel 2 and 7.
> I also recorded in at TCID using my new (Larry's) three channel
> Amp/filter.
> I took a screen shot of the Helicorder and it is very interesting on it's
> own.
> E'mail me and I can send it to you as a .jpg. It's a keeper.
> Alls-Well here in Boise. Damage reported in Nevada but I have heard of no
> injuries.
> One call to the TV station reported it threw a cat out of a chair.....
> Cheers
> Ted


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