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Subject: Re: low pressure tilt?
From: ian ian@...........
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 22:19:30 +0000


the box is made of 0.5" thick weather proofed wooden sheets.  So far it 
has survived 4 years.  Our weather here in this part of Scotland is very 
mild, we rarely get snow and when we do it's only about half an inch.

I would like to make an underground bunker though, one day, to get away 
from the effects of the wind...



jonfr@......... wrote:
> Hi Ian
> Wooden box break easy in this type of weather. If not by wind, then by
> rain or something else. You should put something stronger around the
> lehman to protect it from the weather, as you can get this type of storm
> anytime during the winter.
> I am used to this type of weather, I got something like 7 of them this
> winter I think. One that was around 950hPa.
> Regards.
> Jón Frímann.
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