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Subject: Re: Seislog helicorder images ?
From: Angel sismos@..............
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 20:45:35 +0000

Hello Steve,

If you have the Seislog generated drumplots then just use FTP to upload them to your website.

Or you can use a cron like program that does it on some sort of a schedule or you can watch the folder where the drumplots land in and use that event to trigger the FTP sending.


Monday, March 17, 2008, 8:11:09 PM, you wrote:


Hi Everyone.

I have my seismic station up and running on Windows XP utilising Seismowin, This uploading the drumplot images onto my website. All works well.

I have been eager to try Seislog and finally i have got to grips with it. Now, is there a Windows based program that runs with Seislog that will enable me to upload drumplot images to my website ?

I see looking on the net that Linux  will do the job , but that means learning a new system, But if that what it takes !!

Any info would be greatly appreciated , I am just looking for a few pointers. 

Regards, Steve Shuff.


Best regards,


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