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Subject: Re: Seislog helicorder images ?
From: Larry Conklin lconklin@............
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 17:31:21 -0400

Hi Steve,

I am automatically updating a very simple web page with a couple of drum 
   plots, and it is really very simple, once you have the web page 
itself up and running.

Any Windows system already has a basic ftp utility. The following two 
files are all it takes:

In DailyWebReports.bat I have

	@echo off

	copy HFDailyDrum.ini AutoFFT.ini > NUL
	recent > NUL

	copy LFDailyDrum.ini AutoFFT.ini > NUL
	recent > NUL

	ftp -s:webupdate.txt > NUL

You probably will only need the last line.  The other stuff controls the 
creation of the two drum report files that will be uploaded, using Arie 
Verveer's "Recent" program.  The ftp command refers to a second file, 
webupdate.txt which tells the ftp utility what to do.  The second 
argument specifies the web page server.

In webupdate.txt

	put c:\seismogr\webfeed\LF_Y_day.gif
	put c:\seismogr\webfeed\HF_Y_day.gif

The two put commands send two files to the web site, and of course will 
differ depending on what your specific file names are and where they are 
located on your system.

I run the batch file with the Windows task scheduler just after midnight 
every day, to update the web page with the previous day's drum reports.

If you haven't established a web page yet, I had good luck with a 
program called Komposer, which is a very nice, free WSYWIG web page 
editor.  I started with absolutely no experience building web pages and 
had very little trouble getting something going (albeit, a very simple 
first attempt).  If you want to have a look, it is at

Steve Shufflebotham wrote:
> Hi Everyone.
> I have my seismic station up and running on Windows XP utilising 
> Seismowin, This uploading the drumplot images onto my website. All works 
> well.
> I have been eager to try Seislog and finally i have got to grips with 
> it. Now, is there a Windows based program that runs with Seislog that 
> will enable me to upload drumplot images to my website ?
> I see looking on the net that Linux  will do the job , but that means 
> learning a new system, But if that what it takes !!
> Any info would be greatly appreciated , I am just looking for a few 
> pointers.
> Regards, Steve Shuff.

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