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Subject: Re: Seislog helicorder images ?
From: "Steve Shuff" cellectronic@.............
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 21:47:34 -0000

Hi Larry thanks for the mail.
I have my site up and running
this is currently being worked on.
I will look into your suggestions and and see what i can do.
I just need to get Seislog to create a drumplot somehow so i can have a 24 
hour drumplot on my site that updates every 30 mins or so.
I am considering running a LISS, also I should put my sensor in a quieter 
location as it picks up too much road traffic at the moment.
regards. Steve
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From: "Larry Conklin" 
Sent: Monday, March 17, 2008 9:31 PM
Subject: Re: Seislog helicorder images ?

> Hi Steve,
> I am automatically updating a very simple web page with a couple of drum 
> plots, and it is really very simple, once you have the web page itself up 
> and running.
> Any Windows system already has a basic ftp utility. The following two 
> files are all it takes:
> In DailyWebReports.bat I have
> @echo off
> copy HFDailyDrum.ini AutoFFT.ini > NUL
> recent > NUL
> copy LFDailyDrum.ini AutoFFT.ini > NUL
> recent > NUL
> ftp -s:webupdate.txt > NUL
> You probably will only need the last line.  The other stuff controls the 
> creation of the two drum report files that will be uploaded, using Arie 
> Verveer's "Recent" program.  The ftp command refers to a second file, 
> webupdate.txt which tells the ftp utility what to do.  The second argument 
> specifies the web page server.
> In webupdate.txt
> binary
> put c:\seismogr\webfeed\LF_Y_day.gif
> put c:\seismogr\webfeed\HF_Y_day.gif
> quit
> The two put commands send two files to the web site, and of course will 
> differ depending on what your specific file names are and where they are 
> located on your system.
> I run the batch file with the Windows task scheduler just after midnight 
> every day, to update the web page with the previous day's drum reports.
> If you haven't established a web page yet, I had good luck with a program 
> called Komposer, which is a very nice, free WSYWIG web page editor.  I 
> started with absolutely no experience building web pages and had very 
> little trouble getting something going (albeit, a very simple first 
> attempt).  If you want to have a look, it is at
> Steve Shufflebotham wrote:
>> Hi Everyone.
>> I have my seismic station up and running on Windows XP utilising 
>> Seismowin, This uploading the drumplot images onto my website. All works 
>> well.
>> I have been eager to try Seislog and finally i have got to grips with it. 
>> Now, is there a Windows based program that runs with Seislog that will 
>> enable me to upload drumplot images to my website ?
>> I see looking on the net that Linux  will do the job , but that means 
>> learning a new system, But if that what it takes !!
>> Any info would be greatly appreciated , I am just looking for a few 
>> pointers.
>> Regards, Steve Shuff.
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