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Subject: Re: Seislog helicorder images ?
From: Larry Conklin lconklin@............
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 18:33:06 -0400


I am using a program written by Arie Verveer called Recent to generate 
my drum plots from PSN format files.  He is or was a PSN contributer, 
although I don't believe he has posted anything for quite a while now. 
The program documentation includes his e-mail address: ajbv  iinet 
 net  au.

The program has a lot of capabilities, including generating drum plots 
from PSN or SEISAN data files.  I don't know whether either format is 
compatible with Seislog.  Some of the drum reports on your web site look 
  very much like what Recent generates.


Steve Shuff wrote:
> Hi Larry thanks for the mail.
> I have my site up and running
> this is currently being worked on.
> I will look into your suggestions and and see what i can do.
> I just need to get Seislog to create a drumplot somehow so i can have a 
> 24 hour drumplot on my site that updates every 30 mins or so.
> I am considering running a LISS, also I should put my sensor in a 
> quieter location as it picks up too much road traffic at the moment.
> regards. Steve

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