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Hello Jerry,

Maybe this?


Sunday, March 23, 2008, 4:30:11 PM, you wrote:


Ahhhhh.  A new term (at least to me).  I get the usual dead-end by Googling for "McComb-Romberg seismometer."  It always directs me to sites where you have to be a member or pay for a copy. 


Chris. do you know of a link showing this type of device?






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My understanding of a long period physical pendulum is that sensitivity to ground motion is sacrificed in order to obtain the long period. 

Hi Ted,


    That is NOT my understanding in general.


    But you are using a nearly balanced pendulum, with a high moment of inertia but a small C of G to suspension distance, correct? This type have a long period but a LOUSY sensitivity to linear ground motion. They are however, sensitive to ground rotation. 


    Longer period pendulums like the Lehman and the Romberg are very sensitive to linear ground motion and make good seismometers.




    Chris Chapman


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