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Subject: Re: Winquake
From: "Geoff" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 07:48:46 -0700

I think you need what is called a log amplifier
that had the gain characteristics of a
PN junction knee ( from a curve tracer )

The gain decreases as the voltage increases.

Then you can get both big and small
without clipping but still that means
you are seeing a distorted signal.

Otherwise you need several channel in decades
( two or three ) then you can pick the largest
signal that is not clipped.

It is usually a hardware issue and not a software
unless you are setting gain via shifting of
A/D gain resolution(looking at top 8 bits instead of 12 ).

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From: "Thomas Dick" 
Sent: Sunday, April 20, 2008 6:06 AM
Subject: Winquake

An unusual problem that I am sure those of you in California have solved. These southern Illinois quakes that are over about a 
Magnitude of 3 and less than fourty miles away appear to overloaded my system causing clipping at peaks. Is there an adjustment 
within Windquake I have missed? 


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