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Subject: Re: Basic Programming Help desired?
From: "Geoff" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 00:08:33 -0700

another programming language, he's wanting to run his data capture system on a low-spec machine (retired from other uses, I 
> Kevin

Nope, I used to run my program on a TRS Laptop With a
10MHz CPU (Z80 sound familiar ?) then some burglars
stole that machine from my folks house which the
insurance company replaced with Toshiba Satellite
205CDS and since the late 1990s (I think) I have been using that
exclusively for seismic stuff.
It has never been retired from anything I am aware of.
Its RTC is terrible looses 1 second ( slow) every
4 hours or so Without a ring counter the WWV reception
is so horrible Id have no decent calibration indicator
for times. I can not compliment the Japanese
in the calibration of their digital Quartz whatevers.
Obviously this machine was never calibrated at operating
temperatures. Although it keeps bad time it IS a rugged machine.
In ruggedness it matches an old  timex watch commercial.
If I could recommend something to all manufacturers
of electronic devices it would be to calibrate their
quartz clocks properly and build everything within a faraday shield.


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