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Subject: Re: winquake and seismograms
From: Bob Hancock carpediem1@.........
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 14:32:42 -0700

Its quite easy.  When you download the files make sure you request them in
SAC Binary format.  If you plan on making datasets, you will need the actual
receiver sensitivity along with latitude and longitude of the station.

SAC files do not come in all the same length.  They are off by a few
seconds.  You will first need to crop the files through WinQuake.  I usually
request 5 minutes of data before the P wave and whatever I need after.

After cropping the files to the same length and starting time, I then add
the sensor data, followed by the event data.  I then save the data in PSN4
format, after which you can load the three files into a dataset and analyze
it as necessary through WinQuake.

If you are working with a nearby station, this is a good way to check your

Good Luck

Bob Hancock

On 6/10/08 1:55 PM, "Thomas Dick"  wrote:

> Is there any way  to download earthquake files from (let's say) Wilber and
> manipulate them with Winquake?
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