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Subject: Oregon PSN
From: John Lahr johnjan@........
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 19:34:14 -0700

Does anyone have a current address for Al Allworth?  My message to 
him bounced back:
Unknown user: Allworth@..............


NAME:           Al Allworth     W7PXX
E-MAIL:         Allworth@..............
TOWN/CITY:      Gold Beach
STATE:          Oregon
LAT./LONG:      42.51N  124.33W
CH1:            COM; Mark Products 1 Hz model L-4.
GROUND TYPE:    located .5 mile from the Pacific Ocean on bedrock of 
Jurassic age, composed of
                 sedimentary and volcanic deposits. Very close to 
alluvial deposits of sand, gravel
                 and silt. I see a lot of motion from wave action.

Hi Al,
I was thinking about getting the Oregon PSN members together for an 
informal meeting some time.  Gold Hill is quite a distance from 
Corvallis and Salem, where Robert L. Laney, Steve Clark, and I 
live.  Do you ever have occasion to get up this way?  We could try to 
schedule something around a trip that you're making anyway.

When I was running the seismograph network in southern Alaska for the 
USGS we used L4 1 Hz seismometers.  They were very reliable and just 
right for local and regional events.  It took a really large 
magnitude to see any surface waves from a distant event, however.  Of 
course from our point of view, this was just noise!



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