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Subject: Re: Earthquake 2008-06-27
From: Steinar Midtskogen steinar@.............
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 07:44:16 +0200


>        It is unreadable in my Winquake. It generates a string of errors. Have
> you checked the format at There is also a large header. Have you
> bought Winquake?
>        Why not use hourly .sac files? AmaSeis reads those.

I've tried to install AmaSeis now.  Since I run Linux, I need to run
it through Wine.  AmaSeis didn't work at all on my regular AMD64 pc,
but it does run using Wine on my older Pentium pc.

I downloaded the Seismic ToolKit from sourceforge, which contain code
able to read .sac files, so I should be able to figure out how to
write them as well.

For the time being, I store my data in a simple raw format: as 16 bit
values from -32767 to +32768.  -32768 (0x8000) means that a 32 bit
timestamp will follow, which I usually store every five seconds.  I
use big endian byte ordering.

Steinar Midtskogen


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