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Subject: Re: Earthquake 2008-06-27
From: Steinar Midtskogen steinar@.............
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 19:54:09 +0200


>        Why not use hourly .sac files? AmaSeis reads those.

I found a document describing the sac format, so I made a quick
program to convert my data into it.  I'm not sure whether all the
headers get written correctly, but AmaSeis seems to be able to read
the files I make.

I've put a sac file for yesterday's quake here:

From 11:40 UTC (time of the earthquake) till 13:40 UTC.

I've also made the programs I've written so far available here:

(At the bottom of the page)

I noticed a new quake in my plots today, a bit weaker, but quite
clear.  It matches a 6.3 quake in the same area as yesterday
(according to

Steinar Midtskogen

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