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Subject: Re: Earthquake 2008-06-27
From: "Robert McClure" bobmcclure90@.........
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 21:22:07 -0400

Winquake allows you to post event on the PSN web site. It also alows
the automatic marking of phases. I would be lost without WinQuake. It
also has a world map showing the location of your station and the
event. It offers so much more than a SAC file.

  I am sending you another email about what I found wrong with your
data acquisition.

On 6/28/08, Steinar Midtskogen  wrote:
> [Robert McClure]
>>   I download your sac file and converted it to PSN format. I wasn't
>> able to make sense of it until I realized the time on it was 2 hours
>> ahead of UTC. Remember to use UTC, not your local time.
> Thanks for pointing that out.  I am two hours ahead of UTC, but the
> error was in fact that I put the end time (two hours) in the headers.
> I forgot that gmtime in C uses a statically allocated struct, so it
> overwrites the previous result when it's called again.  I've replaced
> the sac file with a correct one.
>>   Have you downloaded WinQuake yet? You cannot fully participate in
>> the PSN until you do.
> I just did.  It did not run at all on my regular AMD64 pc, but it
> seems to run on my older Pentium pc, though as with AmaSeis there are
> some refresh problems, probably due to shortcomings of Wine (I run
> Linux, and I haven't done any upgrades for many years on the Pentium).
> Also, things are pretty sluggish, since I have to run the program
> remotely.
> Does WinQuake have any major advantages over AmaSeis?  Since WinQuake
> isn't free, I'm a bit reluctant to use it in Linux which apparently
> isn't glitch free and probably not supported.
> --
> Steinar Midtskogen
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