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Subject: Oregon Public Seismic Network (PSN)
From: John or Jan Lahr JohnJan@........
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 18:21:25 -0700

So far a I can determine, the following are the=20
only PSN-list subscribers, active PEPP=20
participants, or AS-1-trained K-12 teachers=20
living in Oregon.  Please let me know if I'm missing anyone.

At some point this summer it would be good to get=20
together to compare notes and talk about=20
amateur/educational seismic monitoring.  Please=20
let me know if you would be interested.


Chuck Nordstrom
P.O. Box 121
Langlois, OR 97450
E-mail:  cen@..............

NAME:           Robert L. Laney
E-MAIL:                 faultquake@.......
TOWN/CITY:      Salem
STATE:                  Oregon
LAT./LONG:      44.863N  123.031W     401ft (122m)  AMSL

CH1:            HB; W (S80=B0W);  Lehman;                 .RL1
CH2:            HB; N (N10=B0W);   S-G High frequency output;     .RL2
CH3:            HB; N (N10=B0W);   S-G Low frequency output;      .RL3

A to D:         3-chan. ampl/fil brd from L.=20
Cochrane,  16 bit SDR; WWV time corr.

GROUND TYPE:    Sensors are on concrete floor at=20
ground level. Underlying material is about 20 feet of
                 stream alluvium over Miocene Columbia River Basalt

NAME:           Walt=20
Catino                                                     (29)
E-MAIL:         wcatino@.............
TOWN/CITY:      Portland
STATE/PROV:     Oregon
COUNTRY:                USA
LAT/LONG:               45.42N 123.04W

CH1:            N; Mod. Wood-Anderson
CH2:            E; Mod. Wood-Anderson
CH3:            Cheapie 15 Hz V g/phone
A TO D:         12 bit  SDR
DRUM:           Kinematics drum with timecode ticks

GND TYPE:               mosty clay with rock down below

Rod Humphrey" 
Technology Director
Umatilla School District
(May not be on the PSN list, but participated in=20
the PEPP (Princeton Earth Physics Program) a few years ago)
Web site:

Kay & Steve=20
Oregon Shakes Program
"Our goal is to place a seismograph in all public=20
schools in Lincoln County, Oregon, and to provide=20
educational resources, volunteers, and activities=20
to help people understand the seismograph."
Depoe Bay, Kids' Zone AS-1 helicorder=20

The following have been given or taken seismology=20
workshops involving the AS-1 seismometer system:

2006 Workshop presenters:
Jenda Johnson  (Operates an AS-1)
Prof. Robert Butler  (Operates an AS-1)
John Lahr  (Operates two AS-1's=20
and a horizontal:

K-12 Portland teacher participants, some of whom=20
are operating classroom AS-1 systems:
Roy Chambers 
Bruce Reiter 

Carol Pinegar ,
Edwin Wack ,
Gerilyn Nichols ,
Joanne Barta ,
Kelly Allen ,
Misty Scevola ,
Rod Kitson ,
Ric Oleksak ,
Tom Bright ,
Vanessa Crock 


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