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Subject: Re: amateur seismologist database
From: "Thomas Dick" dickthomas01@.............
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 11:39:42 -0500

> Dave...
>                   My name is Dave    the surname is Nelson !!    :)
Sorry  about that... and about how poorly I used my words, which obviously, 
is seated in ignorance --  my point of view was solely that of seeing only 
one aspect of the issue -- the sensor data within WinQuake.

>    LOTSSS is to be gained  cuz the database gives so much more than sensor
> data. I started this database many years ago when the PSN group was so so 
> much smaller  It has maps showing where everyone is located around the 
> world
> and the station data also gives broader info on the types of sensors and 
> recording equip

Dave, this is the heart of my poorly worded comment -- just what is to be 
gained?  The words seem to send the message that I question the value of the 
database but don't go there --that was not my point at all.  In an effort to 
get a better understanding, I took the time to download the database and 
browse it. I see some things there that aren't part of the earthquake files; 
but how current is the database? I selected three references from part 2 and 
got error messages. Travel times was a part of the issue... and I recognize 
that soil types at the recording sites, and in between, are influential.  In 
this day and age where new networks, newer computer centers, people changing 
jobs and changing Internet providers is the rule, how current is the 
database if individuals don't update their data?  The database has many more 
names than people who post to the website. Are they still operating seismic 
units? If so, is their data available? How?

And probably the most important insight into my thinking and overlooked part 
of my words dealt with the comment "information flying around the Internet". 
In the U.S.,  we have to worry about hackers getting into government/private 
databases, databases being taken off stolen laptops as well as information 
stolen when we personally give it out to sites we think are legit. I had to 
change my banking accounts a few years back because someone got into a 
regional banking process center. I have two layers of isolation on my own 
system. When I want to post a modern graphics ladened file like I did with 
the timing issue (like to PSN), I have to send it out to a website and 
reference it. It becomes incovenient/difficult/or a security risk for most 
to access it. The secruity issues are making some of us paranoid. Larry's 
network accepts only text which provides some protection and reduces the 
amount of memory and bandwideth used. This obviously limits the type of 
information exchanged.

YOU Must remember NOT everyone has digital systems and not everyone
> that does posts to the group. in fact  there is probably less than 25% of 
> the people in the database that actually regularly post their files !!!

Here I go again, showing my ignorance...... Just what does this mean?  In 
this day and age of digital verses analog, filtrating of frequencies, short 
period versas long period and maybe even paper seismograms --what are these 
people doing??? Please take this right. I am trying to get a clear picture. 
Are they just visually monitoring for earthquakes?

> You are knocking something that has been VERY useful to many people for 
> some 15 years   :)

No, Dave, I did not want my remarks to infer that I am "knocking" what you 
are doing. I am trying to understand what you have. I cannot criticize what 
I don't understand. But your dialogue allows communication and better 
understanding as to whether/why I would want to post information on the 

Maybe this dialog can help others in the same experience level as I. 
Please --- keep up the work!

Yours, just plain Tom


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