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Subject: My WQFilter utility for PSN files
From: "Robert McClure" bobmcclure90@.........
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2008 21:58:06 -0400

I hope at least some of you will examine my recent postings of the
Okhotsk event:

080705.022000.rem.psn * M7.7 8618km from Locust Valley, NY: SEA OF OKHOTSK
080705.022000.remz.psn * M7.7 8618km from Locust Valley, NY
[WQFiltered and raw]: SEA OF OKHOTSK
080705.022100.rempal.psn * M7.7 ch1 Locust Valley, NY, ch2 Palisades,

 The first event file is in my usual style, in which I use
WQFilter.exe to make my short-period sensors work like long-period

  The second event file shows the Z sensor waveform after filtering on
top, and the raw data as the bottom trace.

  The third file is my processed Z data as the top trace, and the data
from nearby network station PAL on the bottom. You can see that my
data processing results in a waveform closely resembling that of a
professional network sensor, the STS-2.

  The proper use of WQFilter can improve the performance of any
amateur sensor. It can make the natural period shorter or longer as
desired, and it can correct for under or over damping. All you need to
know is the natural period and damping of your sensor.

  WQFilter can be downloaded from

  It operates on PSN Type 4 files.



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