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Subject: Re: My WQFilter utility for PSN files
From: Pete Rowe ptrowe@.........
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2008 14:01:04 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Bob
I've goofed around ( That's what I do when I don't know what I'm doing) with your very nice filter program. It seems that in your examples the p and s waves get more distinct as you filter the raw data. I have a 3 second period horizontal which produced nice distinct p and s waves for the Okhotsk event. It seems that any combination of periods and filtering either doesn't change the plot much or makes it worse. I start out with 2x heliplot gain and have to reduce it to .01x to keep the plot on scale after applying filtering parameters.

I'm entering 3 sec for my period, 0.7 for damping, and 10 seconds for the period extension.

Do you have some suggested settings to get me started?


--- On Sat, 7/5/08, Robert McClure  wrote:

> From: Robert McClure 
> Subject: My WQFilter utility for PSN files
> To: psn-l@..............
> Date: Saturday, July 5, 2008, 6:58 PM
> I hope at least some of you will examine my recent postings
> of the
> Okhotsk event:
> 080705.022000.rem.psn * M7.7 8618km from Locust Valley, NY:
> 080705.022000.remz.psn * M7.7 8618km from Locust Valley, NY
> [WQFiltered and raw]: SEA OF OKHOTSK
> 080705.022100.rempal.psn * M7.7 ch1 Locust Valley, NY, ch2
> Palisades,
>  The first event file is in my usual style, in which I use
> WQFilter.exe to make my short-period sensors work like
> long-period
> sensors.
>   The second event file shows the Z sensor waveform after
> filtering on
> top, and the raw data as the bottom trace.
>   The third file is my processed Z data as the top trace,
> and the data
> from nearby network station PAL on the bottom. You can see
> that my
> data processing results in a waveform closely resembling
> that of a
> professional network sensor, the STS-2.
>   The proper use of WQFilter can improve the performance of
> any
> amateur sensor. It can make the natural period shorter or
> longer as
> desired, and it can correct for under or over damping. All
> you need to
> know is the natural period and damping of your sensor.
>   WQFilter can be downloaded from
>   It operates on PSN Type 4 files.
> Regards,
> Bob
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