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Subject: Re: seismic records
From: Bob Hancock carpediem1@.........
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 08:27:28 -0700

Yes, you can access SAC Binary files back to 1 January 1990 through Wilber
II, at IRIS.  Here is a link:

You will have access to world wide records, although I have found some of
the older data is a little thin when working with non-US networks.

The SPYDER files are the initial lists of event.  You can only access one
hour of data from SPYDER.

FARM events are events that have gone through review, and you will often see
revised event location, depth, and magnitude.  They can be listed as early
as 45 days, but sometimes are longer.

Bob McClure has written a SAC to PSN utility available from his web site.
You can use that to convert the files to PSN if you like.  It available on
his web site at:

Look for WinQuake and SAC utilities listing.

Be aware that the starting time on SAC files vary by a few seconds and you
will have to crop them through WinQuake to make a data set.  It would
probably be best if you convert them to PSN files first and then do the file

When you use Bob McClure's SAC to PSN program, you will still have to
manually add the magnitude and comments fields.


Bob Hancock

On 7/12/08 7:52 AM, "Thomas Dick"  wrote:

> Is there a way/place where I can get records(sac binary) from
> educational/government stations for time periods that are not listed as
> earthquakes? 
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