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Subject: Re: seismic records
From: "Thomas Dick" dickthomas01@.............
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 15:21:42 -0500

I display about two hours of data on a computer monitor. So, I have to stift 
through data older than that.
You can use the use the USGS program for phase timing

I am familiar with this program. I used it a lot. The USGS doesn't supply 
predicted arrival times for smaller quakes in areas like Puerto Rica, 
Dominian Republic and the Virgin Islands.

The VASE program seems interesting. I downloaded it, the manuel, and looked 
at the video. Will try it out later.

One advantage of the vase program is that you can download several hours of 
data at one time.  If you
wanted to search a block of data with this program its possible.

This may work for me.

There are at least six seismic stations within 50 miles of this location. I 
just need to find the way "in".

may loose the P & S waves in the background & they frequently use ripple 
blasting which is a series of individual blasts over a specified distance in 
quick sequence, such as one or two seconds

I have geophones, AS-1 and two Lehmans. Lately, I have been displaying only 
the two Lehmans.

I just recorded one of the blasts with no P and S. Even the AS-1 didn't 
record any, but the vertical geophone did; at least eight detenations with 
the last two being larger.

not suitable for a dial-up connection.  I have cable

 I am unaware (they are probably here) of any tunnel mining in Southern 
Arizona, and the
single blasts typical of that type of mining.

I have a couple near here -- but at least fifty miles away.


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