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Subject: Re: seismic records
From: Bob Hancock carpediem1@.........
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 15:21:28 -0700

You are in luck, living in Indiana, there is the PN (PEPP, IN, Princeton
Earth Physics Program network of Indiana) network, including one station in
Evansville, IN.  You can reference this through Wilber II.

I would also suggest that you download the GEE program from IRIS, at the
following link:

The program is easy to use, but does not have the sophistication of
WinQuake.  It appears as an unfinished program to me.  However, you can read
SAC, PSN, and PSN datasets with no problems.  You can also monitor in as
close to real time as it gets any of seismic stations listed in their
worldwide database.

The documentation is a little thin, but as you use it, you will learn how it

Another nice feature is a world map of seismic stations.  I noticed there
are several stations near your location including Wyandotte Cave, IN, part
of the IU network. 

Many stations from the Transportable Array (TA) network are shown in the
Western US.  In a year or two, many of these stations will be moving to the
Mid-West US, so you may have many more stations to chose from.

Another network you might want to explore is NM (Cooperative New Madrid
Seismic Network).  They are not as close as your PN stations, but could give
you another source of reference data.

Bob Hancock

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