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Subject: Re: Carbide machine inserts used for ball surface flats
From: Charles Patton charles.r.patton@........
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 09:01:38 -0700

There used to be replacement inserts for (Sandvik?) import brand paint 
scrapers and they were made of uncoated carbide.  They were triangles 
about 1 to 1 1/4 inches on a side.  I bought some for a few dollars at 
my local ACE hardware store. Doing a quick Google search found a whole 
bunch of similar items at:
The ones similar to what I remember are in the middle of the page listed 
as an Allway CB10 for $2.83 each.
Charles R. Patton

meredith lamb wrote:
> Hi all,
> If you're thinking of using machine carbide inserts as a flat surface 
> for your ball pivot Lehman or S-G ball horizontal design, its probably
> going to be (so-so) ~difficult to find UNCOATED inserts and; flat 
> inserts without the predominate center holes that the majority of shapes 
> usually have.
> Almost all newer manufactured inserts have various coatings 
> is kind of forced to hunt for older "surplus" uncoated 
> inserts.
> The prices of new inserts usually is > $10.00 up, each.  Older (> 20 
> years) uncoated inserts can be ~ > $2-3 or so each.
> Early (~ > 1970's era ) uncoated type carbide inserts aren't listed in 
> the newer offerings amongst the current web suppliers it seems.  Even 
> finding
> a old "speculation" insert like on E-Bay can be frought with the problem 
> that they don't often say if they are coated with whatever, or, are
> uncoated.  Coatings can be a wide variety of material like tin, etc.  
> Photographs usually don't give a straight picture of whether they
> are coated or not; a "shiny" reflective insert could still be coated 
> with something.  If the insert isn't pictured black; its probably 
> coated.  Most E-Bay
> sellers of course don't know or care.  Of course, one could diamond 
> grind/lap off the coating.....
> On E-Bay one seller that "often" does list whether they are coated or 
> not; and thats "hemlytool".  Be aware that "new" can also be
> interpreted as old dated unused (surplus) stock.  Often the quanity they 
> sell is a turn-off; especially if you only need one or two. hemlytool 
> has alot
> of inserts up for auction and afew that are uncoated and without 
> centered holes.  Most are square but they can be triangular, or diamond 
> shaped also.
> The surface of the insert may also need diamond lapping.  You may also 
> have to use the unmarked side as the marked side could be
> etched or laser or whatever marked; which could interfere with the ball 
> contact.
> The brand name "Valenite" seems to pop up quite often with older dated 
> uncoated inserts on E-Bay.
> Take care, Meredith Lamb

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