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Subject: Re: Amaseis
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Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 22:00:54 -0400

Hi Chris,

  Since you are using a Dataq DI-194RS (which I do not recommend, only
10 bits), and are having trouble using it with Amaseis, have you tried
logging with the WinDaq Lite recorder? You may be able to sort out
whether Amaseis is causing your problems, or your seismic system.

  I use a DI-154RS to log data from three sensors. I would not use
Amaseis even if I had only one channel. Instead, I use my own logging
software, my own heliplot program (with filters included) and my own
software to convert event data to PSN format files, which I
subsequently filter using my own WQFilter program.

  Please take a look at my web pages at

  You will find all the software you need to operate a seismic station
using Dataq data acquisition.



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In a message dated 2008/07/27,  christopher.marshall@....... writes:

> Then I found an old posting of yours about using the data window to set the zero value, which worked! Turn out the zero value is 40,800, a value I never would have found randomly.

Hi Chris,

       First check the line voltages on Larry's amplifier, say on pins
7 and 4 of the input opamp LT1007 with a DVM. They should be +/-12V.

       Then check the DC output voltage of your amplifier. If it is
way off zero, adjust the voltage trim potentiometer on the amplifier.

       Then short the input to the ADC and check what reading you are
getting. It is possible that there is a fault on Ch1, but if you have
been using it OK with other programs, this seems unlikely.

The next issue is noise. I am using the lower gain channel on Larry's
> board and have Amaseis set on a gain of 1 with a decimate factor of 1. I am getting electrical spikes at about a frequency of one Hz. Any ideas?

       Check your cables and the PSU. Unplug everything in sequence
and see what effects this has. It is most likely an intermittent
contact, but it could be a faulty PSU.


Chris Chapman

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