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Subject: Re: Relevelling
From: Dave Nelson davenn@...............
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2008 21:54:54 +1000

               ahhhhhh  great :)    thats ok  ya had us all worried there 
for a while   ;)

   from your photo it looked like a wooden floor,   hence the comments from 
and myself.   not sure what else to suggest.....  But I bet its still most 
likely a
foundation movement problem.   any chances of a couple of sharp closeup 
of the pivot ?   thats maybe one of the few other things that could be 
causing a

It would be good to see an english version of your www pages some time for a
better understanding of your system  :)

Dave Nelson

>No, it's a vinyl floor, just 1-2 mm thick on concrete in the basement.
>The house itself is built on bedrock (with some gravel between, I
>suppose).  I can cut holes in the floor so the seismometer becomes
>mounted directly on concrete, but I'll not consider that before I know
>that the current location is the best I can use.
>I don't think water underneath the house causing the ground to swell
>can explain why the seismometer tilted.  There had not been any rain
>for a while.  Also, I log radon levels in the basement (in the same
>room) and the radon levels are a pretty good indication of movements
>in the ground due to water.  The radon levels indicate no such ground
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