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From: Dick Webb dwebb002@.............
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 08:23:55 -0400

I have a few pieces of the original and will measure the width and 
thickness as soon as I find a micrometer.  I can attest that they are 
rather fragile.  I don't know the composition but they have a brassy 


meredith lamb wrote:
> James,
> Am sure your round wire hinges (one per each hinge, or more?), that 
> whomever had the vertical before you substituted the round wire they 
> had, for the (probably
> broken) original flat springs therein.  Evidently yours works ~ as 
> is.  Mine came with similar round piano wire/s; but they had like 4 
> wires of ~ 0.025" diameter;
> per each of the two hinge clamps (eight total), which I replaced with 
> flat springs....which also ~ worked...but, I still don't know the 
> original flat spring width/thickness.
> Its interesting the variation of wire/flat springs that do work....but 
> whether they are really even near ideal is literally unknown.  If this 
> spring pivot spring is too stiff/thick, the
> mass response won't be as enertially responsive as it ideally should be.  
> Your second sentence below leaves me pondering whether its some ~ (not 
> a normally spring) metal rod/s used?  It should be 0.025" diameter 
> piano wire....for initial setup flexuring
> that it will go through in the process, and for simple high strength 
> when the spring is strung.   I suppose you could use all the loose 
> locking 1/4" rods to hold the boom;
> and use a fine file edge (single light stroke) to see if it very 
> strongly resists filing like piano wire does, or; is relatively ~ 
> easily filed like iron etc.  Another clue;
> piano wire is ultra smooth; a typical metal rod will feel like a drag 
> on your fingers when lightly run over.   "IF", the "straight length" 
> you mention is bigger than 0.025",
> the previous owner may have removed acouple parts to accomodate their 
> "reengineering"....and you have to live with such. 
> Take care, Meredith
> On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 6:59 PM, JAMES ALLEN  > wrote:
>     Meredith and Dick
>     My Spremgnether has two hinges made out of wire and looks like
>     thick piano wire about 3/4 the thickness of pencil lead.  
>     Additionally, instead of wires being attached to each ends of the
>     spring attachments each end of the spring has a straight length
>     that goes into the adjustment nuts.
>     James

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