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Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 21:37:45 -0700

Dick, Meredith, Chris:  I would like to thank you for the help that you 
provided regarding the 201 Sprengnether seis.  I had been trying off and on 
for over a year to get it to oscillate as described in the manual with no 
luck.  Because of you guys thread I found out that it would not work because 
someone had replaced the original hinge with inappropriate steel wire.  Upon 
replacing the wire with shim brass like described in Dicks email, it centers 
and oscillates like described in the manual.  I used brass until I can find 
a piece of phosporus bronze which I understand would even be better. 
Anyway, I really appreciate you guys help since I was about to give up and 
put it on Ebay.
James Allen
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From: "Dick Webb" 
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 2:57 PM

> Sorry, that was 0.4 to 0.5 mm thick.  I only have a non digital old time 
> mechanical micrometer.
> Dick
> Dick Webb wrote:
>> The dimensions are 0.05 mm thick by 6.3 mm wide and 4.5 cm long.  Also, 
>> there are three holes at each end, the space between the central holes is 
>> 2.3 cm.  It looks kind of like this:             000          000
>> Hope this helps.
>> Dick
>> meredith lamb wrote:
>>> Hi Chris,
>>> Excellent!
>>> The two separate masses weigh a total of 20 pounds.  The absolute 
>>> maximum width of the spring allowed within the
>>> clamp is 0.311"; it could obviously contain a smaller width ~ 0.25", for 
>>> much easier insertion/replacement.
>>> As a possible material prelude; I do have 0.007", and 0.014" thick 
>>> phosphor bronze shim roll stock.  I also have
>>> 0.010" thick blue tempered hardened steel spring shim roll stock.  All 
>>> old but never used.  All would need cutting
>>> down and cut edge filing deburring to fit the flat clamp size 
>>> firmly/easily; all the spring widths are more than 0.311".
>>> Take care, Meredith
>>> On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 8:17 AM, >> > wrote:
>>>     In a message dated 2008/08/20, dwebb002@.............
>>>      writes:
>>>>     I have a few pieces of the original and will measure the width and
>>>>     thickness as soon as I find a micrometer.  I can attest that they
>>>>     are
>>>>     rather fragile.  I don't know the composition but they have a 
>>>> brassy
>>>>     appearance.
>>>>     Dick
>>>     Hi Dick, James , Meredith,
>>>            If you can give me the seismic mass and the maximum width
>>>     of the clamp strip, we can work out the thickness required quite
>>>     easily. The wire was almost certainly a repair.
>>>            It is very unlikely to be brass, but it could well be
>>>     bronze or phosphor bronze strip. You might also consider a SS
>>>     replacement?
>>>            Regards,
>>>            Chris Chapman
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