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Subject: Re: craw space under house
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Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 00:22:41 -0700

I think you should have a small slab
vibration isolated in the middle of the house at the foundation
so winds and the like will not vibrate your
devices when they act on the home.
I have seen such a thing in manufacturing
of micro circuitry just for some machines.
A whole room with a slab insidide a room inside a building.
They use some special caulk to keep
the slab weather tight but does not transfer meaningful vibration.

This is what I would do when first building the slab
keeping in mind such a thing might weaken in
if not built correctly to allow for
stresses and strains of various kinds.

You might saw a ring around the point of interest
but i would allow a gap all around about an inch.

Proper Isolation seems extreamly expensive
and most probably not suitable for amateures.

My setup is located maybe 3 feet away from
the slab my mobile home sits on but the wind
and inside motion still transfers vibrations
to the sensor. I am relatively sure of all this
since no situation with the sensor on the slab
same as the home was suitable for me.

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Subject: craw space under house

Hi All,   I am building a new house.   This house has no basement, but has a 24"? crawlspace under the house.   I have lots of time, 
to create a space for my three sensors, under the house.   I could also place them in the garage on the concrete floor.   My thought 
was to enter the crawlspace, and dig a small pit large enough to allow for elbow room, then line the pit with concrete blocks to 
keep dirt away.  Perhaps covering the floor area similarly.  Concrete may not be the best material.   I could also pour a pad or 
small footing using cement.
Please any thoughts on preparing this space?

Thanks, Ted 


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