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Subject: Re: Power Supply, Amplifier, and AD
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Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 10:50:20 -0800


I agree that Larry's amplifier, etc, is a good choice.  However, keep in 
mind that the AS-1 is a vertical seismometer and its natural period is about 
1.6 seconds.  the one advantage of the original black box is that its 
designer, Jeff Batton, added a period extending circuit to boost the very 
low frequencies so that you can more easily record periods up to 20 seconds.

Most people who use Larry's board use it with horizontal seismometers which 
have a longer natural period than the vertical AS-1.

I have several vertical seismometers here which I have built or am 
evaluating.  One has Larry's board attached.  I've also two AS-1 
seismometers.  One with the original black box and one with a black box that 
has been modified using suggestions from Chris Chapman.

If anybody has an add-on period extending circuit or Larry's board I would 
be very interested!

Kay Wyatt

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Subject: Re: Power Supply, Amplifier, and AD

> Angel wrote:
>> Hello Dayana,
>> Don't buy the black box that you see with an AS1.
>> you can do much better and probably less expensive or close with Larry's 
>> boards.
>> I agree with Angel. I am using the setup Angel discribed from Larry. The 
>> GPS/timing aspect is a real plus.
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