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Subject: Re: How much movement
From: Steinar Midtskogen steinar@.............
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 14:15:45 +0100


>     Check out the various pages and tables at
> magnitude.html

Thanks for the link.  It means that roughly 1 micron amplitude is
needed for my SEP seismometer to produce a clear signal.  If I had a
better less noisy site for it, I guess I could make out movements of a
few 100 nanometers.

To detect a movement of 1 micron over 10 seconds sounds pretty
impressive.  I'm a bit surprised that this is even possible in a noisy
city.  In fact, the greatest noise problem is the ocean, which
sometimes masks out quakes expected to produce 10 micron movements
even if the storm is 500 km away.

Steinar Midtskogen

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