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Subject: Re: Advantages of more ADC bits
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Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 06:32:20 -0700

Hello PSN:
one thought regarding this is if you use only 8 bits of data you
can scale your amplification digitally by which contiguous 8 bits you use
out of the 24. for greatest sensitivity you use bits 0 to 7 and for least you use
bits 16 to 23. With a bit of scaling you can then control amplification
levels through the program and not the hardware. most of you do not like 8 bits
but it works just fine for myself since I go for (first time of arrival as well as
byte size efficency) and not (signal fidelity or dynamic range).

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Subject: Re: Advantages of more ADC bits

> Thanks to both Chris and Brett for their thoughtful replies.  I better 
> understand that an upgrade to 24 bits is not a "no brainer"  upgrade, 
> but part of design strategy.   All the parts must fit together to get 
> superior results and fulfill site goals.
> There are new devices that may hold promise for future amateur use.  One 
> such device is the Cirrus Logic CS5530 24 bit ADC with integrated 
> amplifier.  I don't know if this could stand alone with a dedicated 
> computer (or maybe not dedicated) using a serial port, or if it must be 
> combined with a microcontroller.  I also don't know if the input must be 
> pre-filtered to prevent aliasing, or if the integrated amplifier is 
> sufficient  for amateur seismic work.
> Thanks for your comments
> Roger
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