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Subject: RE: Shaking house
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Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 09:12:21 -0800

Hi Robert:

Not only is it possible, putting the seismometer outside is desirable.

The keyword to search for is "Seismic Vault", which is what they call the
enclosure in the seismology business.  I built a simple dog house type
structure in my backyard.  Details are here:

Here are some details of a pro installation:
which are from a link on Larry's pages.

I run analog signals through about 75 feet of shielded twisted pair wire
from my vault to the recording equipment.  At 300 feet from the sensor to
the house, you might want to consider digital transmission of the data.  If
you are using the digitizer with the serial interface, you could convert the
RS-232 to RS-422 at both ends of the cable and it would be transparent to
the software and the digitizer.

Other people have put a minimal computer near the sensor and then run
digital signals of some kind, including wireless, back to their primary

If you use cable, bury a conduit (Plastic conduit is cheap) at least twice
as big as the wire you want to put in it.  I always seem to need to put one
more cable in it after it is buried....

Wireless can work, but you still need to figure out how to power it.



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Subject: Shaking house

I am a novice and building up a vertical-type seismometer, but live in a
wood frame house with a crawl space that shakes considerably with doors
closing and the washing machine going, etc.

Is it possible to locate the seismometer outside?

How should the seismometer be housed?

What is the easiest way to run a long cable.  I do have massive bedrock on
the property about 300 ft from the house.

I am using amplifier and digitizer from Larry Cochrane.



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